Savannah Meeting

The Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association facilitated a meeting of the minds on the future of southern peas at the South East Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference (SERFVC, please go to GFVGA’s website ) this last January 2017. The details for the Southern Pea Workshop were as follows.

  • Location - Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, in the Pulaski Room
  • Dates - Thursday Jan 5th to Friday Jan 6th 2017
  • Hours - 8AM to 5PM Thursday and from 8AM to noon Friday
  • The overall goal of this workshop is to implement an economically sustainable program for southern pea production in the southeastern USA by developing critical pest management solutions. This will include:
    • Facilitating discussions on southern pea production needs identified by the growers, pest managers, and fresh frozen buyers/processors.
    • Setting research and extension priorities for southern peas.
    • Developing a pest management strategic plan (PMSP) that can be adapted for SE States like Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, etc.

We hope to conduct another such workshop in January 2018 at the same venue.